Sunday, September 25, 2011

A new day, A new blog

My previous blog has served me well for over 6 years, but it seems that my old photo host Zooomr has begun to give up. So instead of trying to re-host the 20k+ photos i have on there and updating the links in over 1600 posts i thought i may just start fresh with a new blog and a new photo host.So, here is the new blog and i've just upgraded my old flickr account to pro and will be using their services from here out. I'm sorry to see Zooomr dying as i've been with them since beta testing (could have even been as early as alpha testing) and they have provided me a great service for the most part.

Anyway, an introduction for new readers and a refresher for any old readers.
My name is Luke, i was born in 1984 & I like things... Things & stuff.
I'll assume you want me to elaborate on that so here's a list of things i enjoy:

Photography - Started getting into taking pictures in 2005, became a club and live music photographer for street press, then moved into fashion photography before finally getting over the idea of working as a photographer and now i just take photos because i love taking photos.
Movies - I'd be here all day trying to list all of my favourite movies (I have a lot) but the #1 would have to be Labyrinth.
Music - Also a lot but lately i've been listening to stuff like Lovers Electric, Kate Nash, Ladytron, Booka Shade, Bondage Fairies, Lilly Allen, Basia Bulat, and a bunch of assorted electro and dubstep.
Knitting - yes i am a straight male knitter and surprisingly good, trying to get a yarn bombing group started up in Sydney at the moment (will hopefully be made easier with a new friend).
Random other stuff - Toys, parties, eating out, lego, walking, busy places, random google searches, fun people, street art, etc.
Oh and my pets, can't forget them. Missy and Emma-Lee, My domestic shorthair cat and mini foxy X jack russell dog.

Anyway, to start things off here is a picture of my first completed I-Cord flower.

I-cord flowers

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